National Eight Track Tape Day - Sunday, April 11, 2021

National Eight Track Tape Day

Nationwide Eight Track Tape Day Activities

  1. Grab your outdated collection of eight keeps track of

    In case the mere thought of an eight track fills up you with nostalgia for your past, bust your assortment and burst one out of. Get in touch with some outdated buddies which will talk about your reminiscing or train younger versions the wonders of the dropped form of audio modern technology.

  2. Try to purchase a second hand eight track tape

    Don’t let the point that eight keeps track of were eliminated of retail industry from the 1980s deter you! Residence income and craigs list will be your best friends on the path to becoming an eight track owner. Some second-fingers stores will have and even focus on eight keeps track of, and they aren’t exorbitantly high-priced - a player will likely only cost you $40.

  3. Article a throwback with #NationalEightTrackTapeDay

    Include social websites together with the hashtags #NationalEightTrackTapeDay and #EightTrackTapeDay to proclaim your love for timeless reaches and technical of decades previous!

Why We Like National Eight Track Tape Day time

  1. It’s a great time in the previous

    In our present day world overwhelmed with audio streaming programs, there is some thing basic and beautiful about the timeless eight track. Picking simply the tape you would like, jamming over to the ideal reaches of the outdated days… there is some thing we love about this. Who does not appreciate a niche market amount of audio background?

  2. It will make exclusive decoration!

    Check out eight track art on Pinterest for a few pieces that can make your coronary heart sing out. Since the demise of the eight track tape being a listening system, fans of the outdated modern technology have repurposed their damaged or out of date keeps track of into innovative items of wall structure art - a spectacular respect into a dropped grow older.

  3. It’s an excellent collectors’ item

    However it is quite simple for eight keeps track of to obtain damaged (and having old more than four decades does not support), they could be a great collectors’ item. Peppermint issue tapes of preferred albums can offer for a great deal - as well as, they are an exciting relic of the 70s.

National Eight Track Tape Day FAQs

Where can I get an eight track tape?

Though eight track tapes were phased out of retail decades ago, you can still buy them secondhand from sites like eBay.

What other holidays are celebrated on April 11?

National Pet Day also falls on April 11!

Are there other National holidays about music?

August 20 is National Radio Day, August 12 is Vinyl Record Day, and October 1 is CD Player Day.

Federal Eight Track Tape Day on April 11 is a great day to bust from the older eight track tape and convey to the baffled millennials and Gen Zs what it is. You know it was actually the latest technological innovation in the the middle of-1960s towards the earlier 1980s, and you also really like remembering every one of the fairly sweet jams you listened to with your eight track from that era.

National Eight Track Tape Day timeline


The Last Big Hit

Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits compilation was the last big-name release on an eight track.


Eight Tracks Phased Out

Past their prime and eclipsed by new forms of listening technology, eight track tape players ceased to be manufactured or retailed.


The Wildly-Popular Eight Track

By 1967, the eight track was already on the rise, having seen over 65,000 eight track players sold.


Lear and Ford Unite

After creating the eight track, Lear sold Ford on the idea of installing an eight-track tape player in many of their cars.


Eight Tracks Invented

William Powell Lear, who was famous for developing jet planes, created the first eight track.

History of National Eight Track Tape Day

Did you know the eight track tape was designed by a jet plane designer? While William Powell Lear is best known for his jet, the Learjet, he also developed a way to create eight channels (tracks) of magnetic recording tape. This invention revolutionized music technology and the way we hear our tunes – for just a little while. The eight track tape fad really only existed in the United States from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, when cassette tapes took over.

With Lear’s new device, the eight track tape, it was possible to record one continuous loop of tape and wind it into a cartridge without damaging sound quality. The automobile industry was quick to capitalize on the new trend and install eight track players in their new lines of vehicles. In 1966, Ford offered both factory-installed and dealer-installed eight track players in its luxury vehicles, and Chrysler and General Motors followed suit by 1967.

In 1966, over 65,000 players were sold, and their eight track was becoming an important part of driving in America. In fact, the convenience and portability enjoyed in the car began to spread into the home and more. The eight track soon transcended driving culture as it was brought to parks and beaches across the nation. In 1970, eight track manufacturing was brought to Europe. Though the attempt was largely unsuccessful and the company failed in just four short years, vintage eight tracks can still be found in the United Kingdom, West Germany, Italy, and more. The first karaoke machine was actually made from an eight track!

The fame of the eight track was on the rise for a decade. Competitors who created smaller cassette tapes found methods of increasing quality, and the ease of damaging and decreasing quality of the eight track drove consumers to embrace a new decade of music technology. The smaller cassette, which was only a third the size of an eight track tape, was already favored by the mid-1970s. Retail stores stopped selling eight track tapes in the 1980s, and by 1988, the last famous album released on eight track had come and gone. The once-stunning piece of technology became a footnote in the history books, but many fans of that era of music and culture can still dig up an old eight track tape in the attic and recall fond memories of hitting the open roads listening to their favorite tunes.

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