National Scrabble Day - Tuesday, April 13, 2021

National Scrabble Day

Countrywide Scrabble Day Pursuits

  1. Spend Scrabble loved ones time

    Don't neglect the Scrabble Junior activity for the kids. Relax — it offers pictures!

  2. Variety a Scrabble tournament

    Scrabble tournaments could possibly get intensive but are also great fun — so encourage some friends!

  3. Perform Scrabble online

    It's one thing to try out having a human, rather an additional to try out having a pc. Are you ready for the problem?

Why We Like National Scrabble Day

  1. Household fun

    You may devote time playing this video game and it enhances your spelling abilities, conversation abilities, and self confidence.

  2. A "smart" decision

    You understand terms to get far better at the activity! Shortly you'll know terms like "za," short for "pizza," and "xi," which is the fourteenth message from the Greek alphabet.

  3. Scrabble championships are enjoyable to view

    The advantages are remarkable! View since they very easily chuck down terms like "quixotic." A cool 76 factors — like the 50-stage reward for using all seven tiles.

Countrywide Scrabble Day has cast a spell on us.

April 13 will be the day Scrabble inventor Alfred Mosher Butts came to be. He presented the globe an iconic table activity now enjoyed worldwide. These days, greater than seven ages later,  we live for “Triple Term Scores”! Not to mention, the strategic utilization of individuals strange empty tiles.

Now then, time and energy to elevate the lid on that activity box, pick out the initial seven letters, and start! Don’t neglect the Scrabble Dictionary. We do not want any squabbles — which, by the way, is actually a priceless Scrabble word (21 factors)! It is time and energy to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E one of the world’s most iconic table game titles.

Countrywide Scrabble Day timeline


Scrabble's latest word: Television set

"Scrabble" shown as being a day time activity show on NBC. Its tagline was "Each man dies not every man really Scrabbles." Your variety? Chuck Woolery.


Macy's purchased this game

Jack Straus, leader of Macy's, placed a sizable order with this activity following playing it on a break. This was the important break that altered Scrabble's upcoming.


New title

David Brunot ordered the legal rights towards the activity and known as it "Scrabble," which implies "to damage frantically."



Inventor Alfred Mosher Butts created Scrabble as being a difference on an previous word activity and known as it Lexico.

No Requirement To Spell Check These 5 Scrabble Details

  1. Keeping up with the days

    The State Scrabble Dictionary now includes terms like “hashtag,” “selfie,” “vlog,” “mojito,” “chillax,” and “beatbox.”

  2. These people were in the beginning hand made

    For approximately two ages co-inventor David Brunot, along with an additional friend, manufactured all of the game titles he offered by hand in his garage!

  3. Braille model

    It's completely available for the sightless and visually impaired. The playing table even offers tactile dashes and dots on the top quality word squares.

  4. No terminology barrier

    Scrabble's purchased in 121 countries and enjoyed in 29 diverse spoken languages!

  5. We love individuals letters

    Each hour, about 30,000 game titles of Scrabble are started out worldwide!

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